(Page updated 2005-05-30)


Code (Javascript and .NET) for extracting info about the user’s system from a web page. Can detect:


By serverside script:

User’s IP

OS                                      up to Win2003 on Windows, MacOS and Linux

Browser name and version    including Opera, Firefox and Safari

Windows ServicePack 2        on IE browsers

Latest dotnet version            on IE browsers


MIME types                          not always


ECMA script version

activeX allowed yes/no

cookies allowed yes/no

applets allowed yes/no

country                               needs a commercial ip-country db


By clientside javascript/vbscript:

Shockwave version

screen X, Y resolution


By clientside Shockwave movie:

Approximate RAM (not on Macs)

Video card model

Video card driver

Speed test



Stored in a separate table are

page                                   the visited page

datetime                              time of the visit


Now it’s easy to track a user’s movements during the session.


Test drive

See what the system has succeeds in detecting on your computer:


Please report any errors to info(at)endogine.com

Look especially for incorrect or missing RAM size (should work on Wintel, not on Macs)




There’s still much to do on this overview – more accurate and faster SQL, implement all dropdowns, graphs showing changes over time etc etc.


Note: most of this data is imported from the old version of the database (which had some bugs) and from another system I used before (which didn’t collect much data at all), so hits registered up until 2005-05-30 can be faulty or incomplete.



A videocard model -> capabilities chart is needed, so “RADEON X300” can be translated into e.g. “pixel shader: 3.0, minMemory: 128” etc.


A performance tester version, where different aspects of Director execution speed (3D, math, lists, copyPixels etc) is evaluated and paired with the other data. This one should be well visible, on a Director developer site, with an interface where the end user can input missing data such as processor model and speed.



Mac problem

By fixing the shockwave detection for Win/IE, the javascript seems to have totally stopped working on Macs. Any help in investigating the matter is welcome! Here’s the script:



Shockwave detection

Fixed: shockwave is now properly detected on Win/IE.

The Shockwave detection doesn’t work very well, it misses versions 10 and up on some systems and returns 8.5.1 instead. Please let me know if you’ve found a way to fix this.




Javascript + C# source and Access database (73 kB): (latest version, uncommented)